Pencil Set: Passive Aggressive


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  • It's fine.
  • I mean, if you want, I can write an essay detailing the extent to which I’m fine. I’ll even laminate the cover if you need me to do that, too. I don’t mind at all. If that’s what you need to prove that I’m fine, I’ll do it. Heck, I might even make it a book, find a publisher and go on Ellen to promote the release, proving how fine I am. I mean if that’s what you need. I’ll do it.
  • Includes 8 pencils: That's so Nice For You, Nevermind, It Wasn't That Important, I'm Sorry You're So Sensitive, I Prefer Pens, But This is Fine, What Grudge?, I'm Not Mad, Whatever., *Turns Read Receipts On*