Pencil Set: First World Problems


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  • I hear you're having a bad day. First of all, your wifi sucks, so Shameless is totally lagging. Plus, it’s 95 outside but you're shivering under a blanket because the AC is SO freezing, and now your gluten-free muffin was the BEST gluten-free muffin you've ever had until you realized they gave you the one with almonds. And we both know you said NO NUTS.
  • Includes 8 Pencils: There's No Pamplemousse, My Ripped Jeans are Now Too Ripped, But I Want Pumpkin Spice All Year, OMG, The Chipotle Line is Soooo Long, My Netflix Won't Load, There's Already a New iPhone Out, IDK What to Bring Because One Person is a Vegan, and This Pencil isn't the Color I Wanted.