Conceptual Textiles: Material Meanings


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  • This catalogue features the work of thirty-one artists who utilize fiber-based materials in works which demonstrate that artistic and cultural debates about issues such as domesticity, the body, masculinity, femininity, social/political commentaries, race, ethnicity, and colonialism can be addressed through material and sensory experiences. Artists whose works are included are Jim Isermann, Theresa Pendlebury, Deborah Willis, Susan Hammond, Christine LoFaso, Darrel Calvin Morris, Anne Wilson, Margo Mensing, Merrill Mason, Virginia Davis, Ava Gerber, Oliver Herring, Lisa Hoke, Jody Lomberg, Cyrilla Mozenter, Elaine Reichek, Beverly Semmes, Claude Simard, Meyer Vaisman, Sarah Schuster, and Lilian Tyrrell. Essay by Alison Ferris.